Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Distribution of Relief materials in Nagapattinam

Great work from the ground team in India. The latest update from Mr.Umashanker in his own words :

As scheduled we visited Nagapattinam district and distributed the
relief materials yesterday. Two volunteers, viz. Mr.Karthik and Mohan,
both working in Sathyam accompanied me.
Dr.Gopalakrishnan had an army of volunteers to carry out the operations.
The materials were distributed in the following places:

Viludamavadi South - 127 families
Viludamavadi North - 69 families
Viludamavadi Dalit Habitat - 1 : 89 (only dress materials)
Viludamavadi Dalit Habitat -2 : 155 families (only dress materials)
Nagore Dalit habitat : 49 familes (only dress materials)

The photos are available on ViDe webpage @


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