Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Distribution of Relief materials in Nagapattinam

Great work from the ground team in India. The latest update from Mr.Umashanker in his own words :

As scheduled we visited Nagapattinam district and distributed the
relief materials yesterday. Two volunteers, viz. Mr.Karthik and Mohan,
both working in Sathyam accompanied me.
Dr.Gopalakrishnan had an army of volunteers to carry out the operations.
The materials were distributed in the following places:

Viludamavadi South - 127 families
Viludamavadi North - 69 families
Viludamavadi Dalit Habitat - 1 : 89 (only dress materials)
Viludamavadi Dalit Habitat -2 : 155 families (only dress materials)
Nagore Dalit habitat : 49 familes (only dress materials)

The photos are available on ViDe webpage @

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Latest from Tamilnadu, India

Update as of January 4, 2004

Mr. C. Umashankar, IAS officer and co-ordinator of VIDE's relief efforts in
Tamilnadu has affirmed that the first shipment of near-term relief consisting of
relief provision kits have been shipped to Tiruvarur district from where it will be
distributed to various relief camps in Nagapattinam District ( the worst-hit district in the southern state of Tamilnadu, India ). Please visit VIDE Picture Gallery for the pictures of the relief kits being loaded and
associated invoices.

Each relief kit contains :

  • Potable drinking water with container (35 litre mineral water with container)
  • Blankets at least two blankets per family.
  • Milk powder for feeding the infants 1 kg
  • Dry food item cornflakes
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Kerosene stove one with 5 litres kerosene
  • Essential medicines

Mr. Umashankar mentioned that many of the merchants and vendors in Chennai gave deep
discounts for the purchase of relief materials in Chennai. He also mentioned that
ARC Parcel Service in Chennai graciously agreed to waive all transport charges for
the consignment. We thank the merchants and ARC parcel service for their generosity.
Please visit VIDE for latest updates.

Latest from Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Update as of January 4, 2004

Mr. Anshu Sharma of SEEDS ( ) mentioned that
the three relief camps in Port Blair, Andaman are doing well. There are no critical
shortages right now and the relief camps are ready to be handed over to local management. Nicobar islands are still off-limits as the Govt. of India has restricted
access to these areas. There is still no official estimate of the damage in Nicobar
Islands but most of the inhabited islands have been evacauted. The evacuated population have either been re-located to Port Blair or to the mainland.